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Sacred Blood - Available Now!

Abused and frightened, Juliette St. Claire has never known love or kindness in her eighteen years. Meeting Tristan LaRocque changes that, infuriating her cruel boyfriend, Nathaniel Jensen. But Tristan is powerless to help Juliette when merely trying could result in her death.


As threats to her life intensify, Juliette uncovers the mystical secrets they have both kept from her, and she must make some tough choices about the men she thought she knew.


Fiercely passionate and profoundly riveting, Sacred Blood is an outstanding story that will leave you rethinking love, friendship, and everything you hold dear.

Sacred Honor - Available Now!


Never could Juliette St. Claire have guessed that her future would involve the hard work, glitz, and glamour, of an indie-film actress-turned-Hollywood starlet. Challenges presented by a new relationship with a co-star force her to abandon her comfort zone professionally and personally.


As her twenty-first birthday quickly approaches, an unexpected invitation from an old love quickly propels her back into the danger she thought she'd never again experience. Juliette quickly learns she must choose: her own happiness, or her family's safety.


Intensely captivating and seductively romantic, Sacred Honor is the empowering continuance of Sacred Blood that will keep you on the edge of your seat challenging perceptions of sacrifice.

Sacred Heart


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